Asian Women and Intimate Work

Asian Women and Intimate Work

Winner of this 2014 Choice great Academic Title Award

Asian ladies are usually labelled with biased stereotypical images, which range from “subordinate housewife” to “migrant domestic maid,” and “overseas bride.” Asian ladies, in reality, are increasingly being built as “women among females.” These roles that are feminine regarding the many tasks that ladies perform for other individuals in intimate relationships both within and beyond your family members. This guide comprises efforts from the distinguished selection of worldwide scientists whom examine the historic growth of “new ladies» and “good spouse, wise mother,” women’s roles in socialist and transitional modernity in addition to transnational migration of domestic and intercourse workers along with spouses.

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Biographical Note

Ochiai Emiko is a teacher of sociology at Kyoto University, employed in the industry of household sociology, sex studies and historic demography. This woman is the scheduled Program Leader of worldwide COE for Reconstruction associated with the Intimate and Public Spheres in 21st Century Asia plus the Director of Kyoto University’s Asian Research Center when it comes to Intimate and Public Spheres. Sigue leyendo Asian Women and Intimate Work